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All Midland Canopy poles are made in the USA using Gatorshield Rust Protection on the inside and outside of the pole offering the best corrosion and rust protection available.



Heavier Zinc for Even Greater Protection

Allied's signature process produces superior corrosion resistance by utilizing a triple layer of protection. First 99.99% pure zinc is applied followed by a conversion coating. Finishing the process is a clear organic topcoat that seals in the protection and produces a smooth shiny appearance. Gatorshield provides 50% more zinc than our standard product making it ideal for outdoor or high moisture applications.

Salt Spray Tests- Galvanized Products

( First sign of Red Rust- No. of Hours)

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paiting allegator.pngEasy to Paint

Itís easy to paint or powder coat over our galvanized steel tubing. Simple surface cleaning of the tube is required due to normal transportation and storage related accumulated soils. Merely wipe off such soils with a mild cleaning solution.

Midland Poles are protected by a clear, organic top coating which provides excellent adhesion properties to most thermo-set powder coatings, as well as to the following air dry and bake topcoats: High bake thermoset acrylic, alkyd & polyester,solvent-based paints for metals andpaints for cars or appliances.

Stronger Than Your Average Steel Tube

Compared with many alternatives, Gatorshield demonstrates the unique ability to offer same strength in a lighter weight tube -  up to 33% stronger!

The product typically carries a minimum 50ksi yield and protection.png55ksi tensile strength.